«…Her destiny in art was predetermined from infant age…»

honored artist of Russia

professor Ivan Uralov

Personal web site of the artist Maria Aristova

Here you can view art works, find out information about previous and next exhibitions and art projects.

Contacts St. Petersburg : +7 931 3585817


Skype: maria-aristova


Maria Aristova Petersburg’s motive

Petersburg’s motive

Paintings inspired by St-Petersburg are represented in this section

Maria Aristova 2 città

2 città. 2015.

Serie nel processo di scrittura

Maria Aristova Spirit of Italy

Spirit of Italy

This section consists of paintings done after by my incredible travelling in Italy

Maria Aristova Echoes of the Gods

Echoes of the Gods

Paintings inspired by antiquity are represented here. This series of works was shown in my personal exhibition at the “MArt” gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Maria Aristova Cat’s travelling

Cat’s travelling

There are paintings from series, called “Cat’s travelling”. Cats are like people travelling around the World, meeting each other, falling in love, relaxing…

Maria Aristova Nude


There are paintings which showed beauty of a human body

Maria Aristova Still life

Still life

"nature morte" - nature frozen for a moment.

Maria Aristova My Petersburg

My Petersburg

This series of works were painted during Anna Akhmatova anniversary year. She wrote poems devoted to Petersburg & this is “My Petersburg” in paintings. This series was shown in my individual exhibition at Anna Akhmatova museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Maria Aristova East dreams

East dreams

There are paintings inspired by East culture

Maria Aristova Ida, Arve & Benya

Ida, Arve & Benya

These paintings are dedicated to the Sweden childhood. It is a small story about little girl Ida, little boy Arve & their best friend dog Benya. This series was shown on my individual exhibition in “Alla gallery” Stockholm, Sweden